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Level 4 BBEEE Supplier


All candidates through Ultra Pharmaceutical and Medical Placements are interviewed personally by a qualified and experienced Consultant. Interviewing methods focus on both functional and behavioural competencies of a Candidate. Important criteria such as skills, qualification and personal attributes is taken into account when short-listing Candidates. 

Thorough screening is completed prior to submitting our shortlist to you. Upon your request, Ultra Pharmaceutical are able to conduct formal checking ie. Credit, Criminal and Qualification checks. We offer a 90 day replacement guarantee and upon successful placements, regular follow up calls will enable us to determine how the employee is adapting to their new environment.This allows both the client and candidate an opportunity to assess each other, prior to making any commitments.

Ultra Pharmaceutical and Medical Placements has a Level 4 BBEEE status.


 To contribute as responsible citizens to the industry in which we operate.

• Obsessed with a high level of service.

• To pursue excellence through continuous Improvement

• To respect the culture and dignity of each individual

• To offer meaningful careers

• To recruit above average candidates

• To provide excellent service to both clients and candidates

• To add cost effective value to our clients and their business objectives

• Communication is the key to our success